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I got the opportunity to work on this project, telling an empowering story of how Baqsimi can help patients with diabetes, taking the design boards based on a comic art direction with a vibrant color palette. 

My task was to animate the scene with a complicated camera movement, changing perspectives faking a camera doing a 360 on the main character. Also helped out composing my other peer's work of their scenes, making sure the cuts and transition were making sense. 

Creative Director: Vikkal
Senior Prod: Anabella Zubillaga
Prod. Coordinator: Jordan Cressman
Design: Mayukh Goswami
Animation: David Diaz, Hazel Zheng, Elias Velho, Juan Jose Diaz
Compositing: Juan Jose Diaz

I started doing a blocking of the camera movement in 3D to previsualize the timing and proper flow of the scene.



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